Nagyiregi kennel

The kennel raised in 1966, in the gold ages of the dog breeding. The founder is János Papp, who founded the kennel "Nagyiregi". Since 1990, his granddaughter Anita Virágh joined to the breeding. The main breed is the Great Dane, blue and black from blue, but the kennel also has some interesting addition in fawn/brindle colours. There was a time, when white miniature schnauzers joined to the pack, with amazing show results: ISPU winner, World Champion titles awarded with the Nagyiregi dogs. 

Under the past decades they owned and bred several famous dogs, as like imported line-founders to Hungary. For long years, there was not any show without them. 

Nowadays János Papp is not as active exhibitor, but he passed the exam as an FCI recognized judge. Anita Virágh is a well known handler with tons of achievements and working as a veterinary assistant.  


Nagyiregi kennel celebrated the 50th anniversary in 2016! 


To learn more about them, please visit the sites: The Judge & The Handler

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